Friday, April 26

The Onion

Satire in The Onion, as typical, hones in on the big picture - that terrorism is not cool, not smart, not useful in gathering support for one's religious or political beliefs.

"Sayed told reporters that instructing the 27-year-old in the goals of global jihad and providing philosophical justification for carrying out terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in the West is 'pretty much a lost cause at this point,'" notes the article Islamic Extremist Gives Up on Radicalizing Dim-Witted Friend. "At press time, Sayed had zeroed in on another individual, a lost, highly impressionable 19-year-old boy with no moral center and a broken family who the extremist said would be 'absolutely perfect.'"

And such are the antagonists in Fear of Beauty, brutal and ignorant bumblers who contribute only chaos and pain for the communities they visit. The book offers insight into the courage and unity required to stand up to these bullies.

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