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Saturday, March 9


Afghan women do not necessarily resent their fathers, explains Stacy Parker Le Melle, workshop director for the Afghan Women's Writing Project in the Huffington Post.

"As an outsider, it had been easy for me to make assumptions of how fathers treated their daughters," she writes. "It had been easy to assume that because one man treats his daughter like cloth, to be bought and sold, as writer Lena once described, that all Afghan fathers are like this. But clearly this is not the case."

Sofi recalls her last memories of her father in Fear of Beauty. Those memories of his love give her strength and confidence. 

The motto for the writing project is "To tell one's story is a human right." And those stories are inspiring.

Photo of women waiting outside the U.S. Embassy in Kabul in 2006, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and the US government.